Sunday, November 6, 2011

After a year and half, time to update!

Thanks to the inspiration of my good friend Annie, and after a ridiculous amount of time has passed, I am officially inspired to update! My journal writing track record isn't much better and is alot like this, "Dear Journal, I started 7th grade, Dear Journal, I'm graduated from High School, Dear Journal, I'm a Jr. at BYU, Dear Journal, I've been married for four years and had a baby." Wow, one day I'll get the hang of this keeping records thang!

I feel like it's easier to catch up with some bullet point highlights of this past year......please enjoy...


Moved to hip happenin North Platte Nebraska; Roger becomes new Business Manager for Ear Nose Throat and Sinus Clinic


Roger is accepted to UNL's Law School


Oh yes, we can't forget, we had child....Gracie May Simpson came, 8lb 7 0z, 19 in. the cutest chubby thing you ever did see!


Lisa starts exercising again, Baby Gracie is blessed


Moved to Lincoln NE, Roger starts Law School, Lisa has to make dinner again (we were spoiled living next to Roger's family)

Lisa's parents come to visit, Gracie had 2 Halloween costumes, was equally confused wearing both of them.


Roger's called to Cub Scouts, Lisa to Young Women's

That'a about it for us! It's been one CRaZy Year!! Maybe next time I'll update before a year goes by!

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Ok Ok I'll update!!! :0)

So this is just embarrassing how long it's been since the last update, but you have to start somewhere right??? Right?? Ok Here it goes.

As of this month I (Lisa Baugh Simpson) will be the Early Morning Seminary Teacher in our ward. For me and my fellow Extreme Night Owl's,the Key Phrase EARLY MORNING does indeed strike fear into any heart!

But there is a solution that sounds so crazy it JUST MIGHT WORK! That solution being, go to bed early!!! Gasp!! It is not in my nature to do so, but I think I'll try it out! I'm determined to make this work and have on hand (at Least) a dozen cookies for each student in case I sleep in :0)

Roger's been crazy busy studying for the LSAT which he will take in October! I think I'm more stressed out than he is!

Mini-Church History Tour

In July my family and I went on Mini Church History Tour. They came and stayed at my house in Kearney NE, which is the perfect pit stop because it's right off of the highway. We've actually had a handful of friends and family come and visit because it's supreme location! Roger and I are now thinking of officially opening "The Simpson Inn."

The next day we plowed on through to Nauvoo Illinois which is where the early Church History Saints lived in the 1840's until they were driven out and made the Trek to Utah. My dad teaches D&C and Church History at BYU and was the perfect tour guide! Thanks Dad! It was so neat to see him in action!! Nauvoo was my favorite stop because were able to see the Nauvoo pageant which only is performed in July. Any of you heading out to Nauvoo next year in July go and See it!! After the show we were able to visit with the men who played Joseph and Brigham (who is played by my buddy Brannon) which was neat.

The other highlights of our trip were visiting Liberty and Carthage Jail, Far West, and Adam-Ondi-Ahman. We also visited the Lincoln Museum and tomb which was neat!

So overall the Simpson's are doing well! More updates to come!!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


So yesterday I taught my first kick boxing class at Just For Ladies! I had a great time but I'm wondering if it's a bad sign that I'm sore from MY OWN CLASS!! Shouldn't the instructor be the elite of the elite?? Maybe one day....but for now I'm still walking around like cowboy. Thanks Lactic Acid!!! :0) Here's a Pic of my kick boxing inspiration, the one and only Billy Blanks! Isn't his shirt amazing???

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Exciting NEWS!!!

We have exciting news, Drum roll please....... Lisa found a job! After filling out at least 50 applications, I was blessed with a job!! I'm a receptionist at a Fitness club called "Just For Ladies" which is a fitness club, just for ladies! (Hence the Title of the establishment) Starting December I'll be teaching Kick Boxing as well!! So it's been great keeping busy and finally getting out of the house!! Thank you all for your prayers!!

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

We Finally got a Blog!

Wahoo! We finally jumped on the band wagon and got a Blog! Wow it feels good to conform sometimes! Well here's the official update, Roger and I graduated from BYU in April! Can you even believe it? We then packed our bags and moved to Tropical Kearney Nebraska~ Roger is now working/training to be a Supervisor for Leprino Foods Cheese plant. That's right, we have and AMAZING discount on cheese, so now everyone know's what they'll be getting from us this Christmas! I'm currently on the job Hunt so keep your fingers crossed! That's about it for now, but here's some pictures of what we've been up too!