Sunday, November 6, 2011

After a year and half, time to update!

Thanks to the inspiration of my good friend Annie, and after a ridiculous amount of time has passed, I am officially inspired to update! My journal writing track record isn't much better and is alot like this, "Dear Journal, I started 7th grade, Dear Journal, I'm graduated from High School, Dear Journal, I'm a Jr. at BYU, Dear Journal, I've been married for four years and had a baby." Wow, one day I'll get the hang of this keeping records thang!

I feel like it's easier to catch up with some bullet point highlights of this past year......please enjoy...


Moved to hip happenin North Platte Nebraska; Roger becomes new Business Manager for Ear Nose Throat and Sinus Clinic


Roger is accepted to UNL's Law School


Oh yes, we can't forget, we had child....Gracie May Simpson came, 8lb 7 0z, 19 in. the cutest chubby thing you ever did see!


Lisa starts exercising again, Baby Gracie is blessed


Moved to Lincoln NE, Roger starts Law School, Lisa has to make dinner again (we were spoiled living next to Roger's family)

Lisa's parents come to visit, Gracie had 2 Halloween costumes, was equally confused wearing both of them.


Roger's called to Cub Scouts, Lisa to Young Women's

That'a about it for us! It's been one CRaZy Year!! Maybe next time I'll update before a year goes by!


Annie Fralick said...

Oh Lisa I love your sense of Humor! I miss you and glad I'm following your cute blog!

Jennifer Ricks said...

Congrats on your baby!!!! Post pictures!